Indigenous Peoples Day 2013

Indigenous Peoples Day 2013

The Native American & Indigenous Collective (NAIC), Native American & Indigenous Peoples Association (NAIPA) in collaboration with the Native American and Indigenous Studies Program (NAIS) are proud to present:

Indigenous Peoples Day 2013
University of Texas at Austin
Recognizing and Celebrating Native and Indigenous Communities!
Monday, October 14th, 2013 from 11:00am – 2:00pm in the South Mall (

Indigenous Peoples Day is an event that reexamines Columbus Day by challenging the dominant narratives surrounding the “discovery of America” by Christopher Columbus, and the current celebration of colonialism through this federal holiday. This event provides a space to reveal and re-analyze the genocide, and oppression suffered by indigenous peoples across the Abya Yala/Americas as well as their survival and resistance. Transforming Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day allows us to take our first step to a better future. A future that respects the rights of indigenous peoples, the natural environment, gender equity over global patriarchy, and free and equal speech over hate speech.

The event will include , music, and food. We hope you are able to join us as we reclaim this day.

This event is free and open to students, faculty, staff and community members.
For more information contact:

Tlazocamati/ Chaltu Mai/ Wopila/ Jamadi/ Maltioxinik/ Axe’he’ / Thank you/ Gracias.

The Water is Us: The Rights of Yanaguana [UT’s Second Annual Native American & Indigenous Student Symposium]


The Native American & Indigenous Student Association (NAISA) and the, Native American and Indigenous Peoples Association (NAIPA), are proud to announce The Water is Us: The Rights of Yanaguana – UT’s Second Annual Native American and Indigenous Student Symposium to be held from April 25-26, 2013 at the University of Texas at Austin and the Puerto Rican Folkloric Dance & Cultural Center, respectively. This symposium will be dedicated to addressing water disparities and the environmental impacts upon Native American, Indigenous, and First Nations communities.

Indigenous Peoples from across the world continue to struggle for acknowledgement and recognition of their unique visions to protect water. Although the issue of water is multifaceted and complex, NAISA seeks to encourage indigenous based solutions and discussions that could aid the water crisis worldwide by bridging gaps between scholars, community members and youth.

The Water is Us: The Rights of Yanaguana symposium will include keynote speakers, performances, panels and an indigenous art show in the Austin community at large.

For a detailed list of events for Thursday, April 25th, please follow the following link:

For details on the events Friday, April 26th, please follow the following link:

See flyer for general information.





Idle no more Austin, TX prayer vigil in support of all Indigenous Nations

The Indigenous Nations present in Austin (and Texas) will be meeting on South Congress and Joanna Street (by the food trailers) this THURSDAY. We will be speaking and offering prayer in support of our brothers and sisters from all the continents that are fighting for the rights of our Great Mother earth, for clean water, for dignified lives of all, for freedom from violence, together in solidarity with everyone and each one of brothers and sisters and Chief Theresa Spence that are not being heard. We are …here, the first nation people’s of these lands, and we have the same prayers. We are of one heart, one mind, one voice. Please join us and bring your drum, your rattle, your song, and lets unite to form one voice for all our relations. Life, history, and memory run through our veins. Aho. Ometeotl.
Thursday, April 03, 2013 — 7:00pm

Las Naciones Indigenas presentes en Austin, nos reuniremos en south congress en apoyo a nuestros hermanos de todos los continentes que estan en Lucha por sus derechos como hijos de la madre tierra, en oración, por el derecho al agua limpia, a una vida digna, libre de violencia, unidos en solidaridad con todos y cada uno de nuestros hermanos que como Theresa Spence no son escuchados, estamos aquí los pueblos originarios, con el mismo rezo y un solo corazón. Por favor, trae tu tambor, tu ayacaxtli, tu canto y unamonos a esa una sola voz, por todas nuestras relaciones. La vida, la memoria corre por nuestras venas. Ometeotl
Jueves, Abril 03, 2013 — 7:00pm

Water Rights Symposium April 2013

water rights flyer

The Native American & Indigenous Student Assembly (NAISA), the Alpha Chi Chapter of Sigma Iota Alpha Inc., AND the Student Events Center Mexican American Culture Committee are proud to present:


Encuentro Ancestral

Wednesday, November 14, 7pm-10pm

University of Texas at Austin – Student Activity Center Ballroom (SAC. 2.41)

Recognizing, Remembering and Reclaiming our Indigenous roots!


In honor of our Indigenous Heritage and Native Heritage Month, Encuentro Ancestral serves as an event that seeks to create consciousness about our Indigenous roots as we fight for the survival of our cultures. Through the presentation of Danza Mexica/Azteca we seek to create ways to promote, preserve and practice Indigenous culture, history, language and traditions.

We welcome the participation of students, faculty, staff and community members in this Danza Workshop.  Please join us in celebrating our Indigenous Heritage!!


Tlazocamati/ Chaltu Mai/ Wopila/ Jamadi/ Maltioxinik/ Axe’he’ / Thank you/ Gracias.


The Native American & Indigenous Student Assembly (NAISA) and La Colectiva Femenil are proud to present:


Dando Vida a La Muerte: Celebración de Día de Los Muertos

University of Texas at Austin


Thursday, November 1st & Friday, November 2nd, 2012 in the South Mall (

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a celebration rooted in Mexica traditions that honors the unification of both life and death. Common customs include the construction of altars to welcome the departed spirits home, the decorating of departed relatives graves by family members, the making of sugar skulls and offerings of food.Through this celebration, we commemorate the lives of our ancestors and loved ones that have passed away throughout the years.

Join us November 1st and November 2nd as we take time to create sugar skulls to represent our loved ones who have passed. We will especially keep in mind our friends, families, and relations that have departed and/or continue to suffer as cause of the violence along the U.S-Mexico border.

We will begin our Día de los Muertos celebration on Nov. 1st by gathering in the South Mall for a sugar skull and altar workshop in memory of migrants who have died. Community members, students, staff, and faculty are welcome to join us in a conversation examining the struggle of migrants and Native American and Indigenous peoples affected by the creation and imposition of the US/Mexico artificial border.

Later in the evening of Nov. 2, elders, students, and community members will give closure to Día de los Muertos through a Mexica/Azteca danza ceremony.


Tlazocamati/ Chaltu Mai/ Wopila/ Jamadi/ Maltioxinik/ Axe’he’ / Thank you/ Gracias

Día de los Muertos Schedule:

Thursday, November 1st:
Pan Dulce and Atole Sale
Sugar Skull Worshop
Altar Worshop

Friday, November 2nd @ 7pm:
Closing Danza Mexica/Azteca

Weekly Meetings!

Native American and Indigenous Student Assembly (NAISA) welcomes all native and non-native students to our weekly meetings!
Tonight (and every Wednesday) at 6pm in Benedict Hall 1.102
 Tonight we will reflect on Indigenous Peoples Day and later work our way into issues concerning our communities. 
– Hutto Visitation Program
– Annual Symposium 
– Thankstaking
– Dia de los Muertos
– Austin Powwow
See you all there!

Tlazocamati/ Chaltu Mai/ Jamadi/ Wopila/ Maltioxinik/ Ahee-ih-yeh/ Thank you/ Gracias to everyone who joined us in our celebration of Indigenous Peoples Day!